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WomanzVue was launched on 15 September 2020 to mark the birth date of Dr McClymont’s muse, the Jamaican-born writer Claude McKay (15 September 1889). You will see from the publicity flyers that the organisation aims to engage with historical and current issues. For example, following on from the outcry surrounding the “Child Q” safeguarding failures case, WomanzVue hosted a snap discussion on 24 March (“Strip and Search – the Adultification of Black Children”), which attracted over 500 attendees.

Black History Month: “Righting History”

With a focus on teaching and celebrating Black History all year round, WomanzVue is a pan-African virtual space that attracts some of the leading community historians and academics in the UK (Jamaica and in the USA) who are “righting history”, rather than “re-writing history”. Past events include “Race, the Monarchy and the Commonwealth” discussion, “Racism, Underachievement and Decolonising the Curriculum”, the controversial “Sewell Report: a Roundtable Discussion” (with a follow up session by popular demand) and Steve McQueen’s vexing TV documentary, “Subnormal: Windrush Children”, not to mention “Commemorating the 73rd Anniversary of Windrush” in June 2021.

Our Sponsors: The Weekly Gleaner

In celebration of The Weekly Gleaner’s 70 years of publishing in the UK, Dr McClymont moderated their timely discussion, “Is Black History Month Still Relevant?” Again, in December 2021, Dr McClymont was invited to moderate The Gleaner’s virtual discussion, “Should Jamaica Become a Republic?”
WomanzVue is also sponsored by CaribDirect Multi-Media Ltd. 

 International Women’s Day

In March 2021, WomanzVue hosted its first International Women’s Day! As part of the calendar of annual events, this year the line up of speakers included Ambassador Aloun Ndomet-Assamba (former High Commissioner for Jamaica/UK), Professor Joan Anim-Addo (Professor of Caribbean Literature and Culture in the English and Creative Writing Department at Goldsmiths, University of London), and Barbara Blake Hannah O.D (the first UK Black female on-camera reporter for the current affairs programme Today, 1968).

Promoting Black Writers

As a womanist writer, Dr McClymont uses WomanzVue to provide a ‘free’ space for established and up-and-coming Black writers to promote their published work. To date, the platform has launched four books by Black writers, including Dr McClymont historical novel: Little River! See also the flyer below: “A Literary Evening/Celebrating Black Writers”.

Contact Us

If you would like to be informed of future events, please visit the Contact Page & complete our email form.

Upcoming Events

Commemorating Windrush76 / Book Launch
Friday 21st June 2024
6.00pm – 8.30pm

Windrush 76
with Dr. Velma McClymont
Croydon Libraries
Saturday 29th June 2024
1.30 – 3.00pm

Previous Events

Monday 3rd June 2024:
Wandsworth Heritage Festival 2024
Time: 6.30pm

Croydon Libraries:
Sat 25th May 2024
Creative Writing Workshop
For Aspiring Writers
Time: 11am – 2pm

Croydon Libraries:
Sat 27th April 2024
Creative Writing Workshop For
Beginners and Aspiring Writers
Time: 11am – 2pm

Sun 24th March  2024
Celebrate International
Womens Day
Time: 2pm – Midnight

Sat 16th March  2024:
Women’s History Month with
Dr. Velma Mcclymont
Time: 11 – 12.30pm

Sat 9th March  2024:
Women’s History Month 2024
Wood Green Library
Time: 1.30pm – 3.00pm

Thurs 15th Feb 2024:
Women In Business Support Network
Business Networking Event
Time: 4pm – 7pm

Mon 25th Dec 2023: 9am & 8pm. Milestones II – The Windrush Nation
Online at

Sat 16th Dec 2023: Reflect-On  Academy’s Christmas Get Together, Guest Speaker, Dr Velma McClymont

4th Nov 2023: Reflect-On Academy’s Graduation Day, Guest Speaker, Dr, Velma McClymont

Mon 30th Oct 2023: Insitute of Child Health, Guest Speaker & Book Signing Event by Dr Velma McClymont

Fri 27th Oct 2023: Black History Month Finale:
Key Note Speaker,
Dr Velma McClymont: ‘Saluting our Sisters’

Wed 25th Oct 2023: The Other Windruch Story. In Conversation with Dr Velma McClymont

Tues 24th Oct 2023: Womanzvue Presents: The Importance Of Black History Month

with Dr Velma McClymont
West Norwood Library
1-5 Norwood High Street,
London SE27 9JX
Tuesday, 24th October 2023
6:30 – 8pm

Mon 23rd Oct 2023: St George’s University Hospital, Saluting Our Sisters: In Conversation with Dr Velma McClymont

Sat 21st Oct 2023: Marcus Garvey Library ‘That Great British Documentary’

Thurs 19th Oct 2023: Black History Month, Author Event: Little River: Author Talk With Dr Velma McClymont

Thurs 19th Oct 2023: Black History Month. Little River: A Talk With Dr. Velma McClymont

Mon 16th Oct 2023: Black History Month, Balham Library “Saluting Our Sisters” In Conversation with
Dr Velma McClymont

Mon 16th Oct 2023: Black History Month, Balham Library “Saluting Our Sisters” In Conversation with Dr Velma McClymont

Sat 14th Oct 2023: Black History Month, Peckham Library, Little River

Fri 13th Oct 2023: Windrush Children, with Dr Velma McClymont & Kate Elizabeth Ernest

Sat 7th Oct 2023: In Conversation with
Dr Velma McClymont

Fri 6th Oct 2023: In Conversation with Louise Hare and
Dr Velma McClymont

Tues 3rd Oct 2023: In Partnership with Womanzvue. A talk with Dr Velma McClymont

Sat 19th Aug 2023: In Conversation with
Dr Velma McClymont

Sat 19th Aug 2023, In Conversation with
Dr Velma McClymont

7th-9th July 2023, Hammersmith & Fulham Writers’ Festival

8th July 2023, Female Authors of Colour Writers’ Festival

30th June 2023, West Norwood Libray


21st June 2023, Shepherd’s Bush Library

20th June 2023,
Fulham  Library

18th June 2023, Realtalk Reasonings

Croydon Central Library
17th June 2023 – 2.30pm

10th June 2023, Edmonton Library

7th June 2023, Battersea Library

26th May 2023, 
Black History Conversation

20th May 2023,
Catford Library

20th May-11th June 2023,
Wandsworth Heritage Festival 

22nd April 2023, Little River Book Signing, University of Edinburgh

21st April 2023, ‘Scottish’ Launch of Dr. Velma McClymont’s Historical Novel, Little River (1731-1812)

30th March 2023, WomanzVue Caribbean & Black British Art in Focus

9th March 2023, WomanzVue 3rd Annual International Women’s Day Celebration

28th Feb 2023, In Collaboration with WomanzVue
Reflect On Academy

25th Feb 2023, 
WomanVue Book Signing

5th Feb 2023, “W for Women Writers’ Online Book Club, Author Event, Dr Velma McClymont

5th Jan 2023, WomanzVue 
Annual Literary Evening

17th Dec 2022, WomanzVue 
Festive Book Signing

16th Dec 2022, WomanzVue 
Festive Book Signing

15th Dec 2022,  A Chapter from My Life & Book

6th Dec 2022, WomanzVue 
In-Person Book Signing

19th Nov 2022, African Forum Scotland in Partnership with WomanzVue

18th Nov 2022, Black History Conversation

31st Oct 2022, WomanzVue Presents “Monarchy, Reparations & Representations

22nd Oct 2022, A Creative Writing Workshop with Dr Velma MeClymont in recognition of BHM

29th June 2022, An Evening with Dr Velma McClymont in recognition of Windrush Day

20th June 2022, An Evening with Dr Velma McClymont

14th May 2022, Womanzvue – Invitation to Book Launch

24th March 2022, “Strip & Search” – The Adultification Of Black Children

7th March 2022, Marking International Women’s Day/Commonwealth Day

17th Frb 2022, The Significance Of Black History Month – Triple Book Launch

10th Dec 2021, The Weekly Gleaner – Should Jamaica Become a Republic?

28th Oct 2021, The Weekly Gleaner – UK Webinar – Is Black History Month Still Relevant?

23rd June 2021, Commemorating The 73rd Anniversary Of Windrush

9th June 2021, Subnormal : Windrush Children-Roundtable Discussion

20th May 2021, Racism, Under/Achievement & Decolonising Education

23rd April 2021, Sewell Report, Part 2 – The Way Forward

8th April 2021, The Sewell Report – A Round Table Siscussion

26th March 2021, “Race, the Monarchy and the Commonwealth”

8th March 2021, Celebrating International Women’s Day

27th Jan 2021, The Trump Insurrections, White Fragility & Biden’s First 100 Days

17th Dec 2020, The Literary Evening/Celebrating Black Writing

27th Oct 2020, Black History Month Discussion Forum

15th September 2020, Hosted by Dr Velma McClymont

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